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Potluck Guidelines:

  • Bring a large enough raw/living foods dish to serve at least 10 people, as well as an appropriate serving utensil for your dish.
  • Suggestions: All types of salads, Click here for some raw recipes.
  • We do ask that you bring a dish that is as minimally processed and concentrated as possible, and that the focus be on high water content, preferable organically grown, raw vegetables and sprouts. We do not advocate the abundant use of spices, oil, or salty substances (such as Bragg Liquid Aminos, Nama Shoyu, miso, or sea salt). If you do use any of these in your recipes, please do keep them to a bare minimum.
  • Couples should bring enough food for 20 servings.
  • Please fill out a card with the list of ingredients in your dish when you arrive at the potluck.
  • The potluck fee is $3. See you there!! 
  • Please bring a Plate and Utensils for yourself.  You also might want to bring some water.


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